On 29 March 2012 a fire break (tracer) was scoffeled from the stream behind the Foodzone up to the school  and another one was done from the R71, where the fruit sellers used to be, towards the school. In the night of 30 March we had 40 mm of rain on to the exposed soil.
They had damaged the section of the grassland with the highest density of protected plants. It is estimated that a total of 350 to 400 Scilla natalensis bulbs as well as a fair number of the other protected plants such as Aloe lettyae and Aloe boylei have been damaged. The workers were stopped it was agreed that they re-plant the damaged plants in an effort to rescue them.


Scoffeling a tracer contravenes the Environmental Management Plan for Haenertsburg's Afromontane Grassland (2005). Regards fire protection, the preparation of tracers is to be limited to mowing, slashing or applying a herbicide.

We acknowledge that annual fires starting on the western side of the road camp put the village at risk, and methods to minimise that risk need to be discussed. A fire break along the edge of the village through the scrub could to be considered.