Friends of the Haenertsburg Grasslands

Popular guided 1.5 hour walks in the critically endangered Haenertsburg Grasslands are coming up! Dates: Sat 24 September 2017, Wed 27 September 2017 and Sat 30 September 2017.  Details to be announced closer to spring : )

The Louis Changuion Hiking Trail that traverses afromontane grassland and indigenous forests was once the stomping ground of white rhinoceros. Hikers can visit the greenstone rocks that were rubbed smooth by these grey giants as they tried to alleviate a persistent itch! These greenstone rocks are estimated to be 3200 million years old and are extremely rare. The hiking trail is maintained by FroHG; maps are available in the village. Enjoy the summer beauty of our indigenous wild flowers, and identify plants and animals seen by means of the fabulous website!

Volunteers collect a large amount of litter

Friends of the Haenertsburg Grasslands (FroHG) organized a successful spring clean-up of the grasslands, streams and roads around the village of Haenertsburg on Saturday, 20 August 2016. Some twenty volunteers (learners from a local school and other members from the Haenertsburg and Tzaneen community) collected a large amount of litter.  It was an ideal time for a clean-up while the critically endangered grasslands lie dormant with large parts having been burnt.

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