Friends of the Haenertsburg Grasslands

Ironically the planting of natural grasslands to pine and eucalyptus in the early 1900’s was regarded as a forward thinking conservation measure, providing an alternative to indigenous forest timber needed to construct wagons, carts, buildings, furniture and mine supports particularly on the Witwatersrand. The destruction of grasslands led to the demise of associated flora and fauna. Some flora like Kniphofia crassifolia and the small lizard Eastwood's long tailed seps(Tetradactylus eastwoodii), are believed to be extinct. The fate of the critically endangered Hirundo atrocaerulea (Blue swallow), Acontophiops lineatus (Woodbush legless skink) and Afroedura pondolia mulitiporis (Methuen’s dwarf gecko) remain precarious.

The story of the Haenertsburg Grasslands of Limpopo

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